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Breathable Running Track Flooring

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طريقة: آخر

المكونات: آخر

المواد الخام الرئيسية: آخر

مستوى: آخر

شهادة: ISO9001

المادة المتفاعلة: آخر

تاريخ إنتهاء الصلاحية: 1 سنة

آلية تشكيل: آخر

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تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: barrel

إنتاجية: 9999

علامة تجارية: Kasole

نقل: Ocean,Land

مكان المنشأ: China

الشهادات: ISO

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Product description:

The breathable plastic track material is a high-performance plastic structure composed of

rubber black particles as the bottom layer and polyurethane particles and plastic pulp as the

surface layer. It has the advantages of long service life, moderate comprehensive performance

and quick construction. It is the most economical and cheapest, and there is no bubbling

phenomenon, and it also reduces the investment of foundation funds. Applicable to the laying

of track and field venues in primary and secondary schools.Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor,

Special Epoxy Stop Slurry Floor,Clear epoxy floor coating.

Breathable Running Track Flooring

Application area:

Universities, secondary schools, elementary schools, kindergartens, factories, communities,

stadiums, outdoor track and field fields, running tracks, etc.Waterborne Epoxy Resin Floor.

Product features:

  • All-weather use, rapid drainage, quick use after rain, training and competition are not affected;
  • moderate elasticity, comfortable running, reduce sports injuries;
  • good flatness, friction, moderate hardness, help athletes play, improve performance;
  • excellent overall, durable, all-weather use, construction is simple, easy maintenance and maintenance, low maintenance costs.

Running Track Images

Basic requirements:

Appearance: No cracks or delamination, the non-slip layer and the bottom adhesive layer are

firmly and evenly bonded; the seams are straight, without obvious bumpy and uneven appearance;

the surface has uniform color. durable.

Marking line: The marking line should be clear, non-reflective, with no obvious imaginary edge, and

firmly adhered to the surface layer. The distance between each mark line position from the key line

does not allow a negative difference, and its positive difference should be less than 1/10000.

Thickness: The thickness of the plastic runway used in the competition shall not be less than 13mm.

The thickness of other non-competition auxiliary areas may be determined by both the supply and demand sides.

Flatness pass rate: The integrated rate of plastic track is not less than 85%.

Grade: The transverse slope of the plastic runway is not less than 1:100, and the longitudinal slope is not

greater than 1:1000.Epoxy Anti-slip Floor.

running track in college

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  • Breathable Running Track Flooring
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