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Light grey Epoxy self-leveling

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Light grey Epoxy self-leveling

Product Description

Light grey Epoxy self-leveling Product overview:

Light Gray Epoxy Floor construction technology is a kind of ground, the coating based on epoxy resin, the hardener advocate material, by adding various additives, pigments, fillers, etc, the strict proportion. Not only has excellent water resistance, oil resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and so on chemical properties, and has good adhesion, high mechanical strength, low shrinkage rate, cured film can a painting into the advantages of thick film, thus is widely used in modern industrial floor paint. This kind of process can be based on the uneven flow of the ground, the ground is automatically leveling, and quickly drying, the solidified ground will form a smooth, smooth, seamless mirror effect surface. In addition to the leveling function, self-leveling can also be used to prevent moisture, antibacterial, anti-corrosion and other characteristics. Epoxy Self Leveling Sand(Self-Leveling) is widely used in clean rooms and sterile rooms in medicine, biology, electronics and other fields.Anti - Static Level Coating,Non-flammable Ground Hardener,Anti-static Carborundum Floor.


Light Grey Epoxy Self-leveling Floor Product features:

1. The surface is smooth, beautiful and has a mirror effect;
2. No solvent, no smell, no pollution, no toxicity;
3. The properties of acid, alkali resistance and chemical resistance;
4. Good resistance to moisture, salt fog, oil and organic solvents;
5. Abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance and certain elasticity;

6. Construction of the surface layer is formed once, and it is convenient and convenient.

Construction Instruction

Light Grey Epoxy Resin Self-leveling Construction procedure:

1. Bottom coating
1. Use solvent-free epoxy floor primer: the main paint and curing agent are mixed in proportion and mixed uniformly;
2. Roller evenly, no leakage;
3. The door, wall corner, wall foot, machine foot and so on use hair brush painting.
2. Putty layer
1. Paint with solventless epoxy: the main paint and curing agent should be mixed with a proper amount of filler (such as quartz powder and talcum powder).
2. Use the batch knife to cover 1-2 times, focusing on filling the holes in the ground;
3. After curing, clean up the defects such as scratches and scratches, and clean them with vacuum cleaner, chicken hair zen, wring dry wet towels, etc.
3. Sealing layer
1. Use solvent-free epoxy floor paint, mix proportionally and mix well;
2. Use a batch knife for closed type.
4. Surface coating
1. Use solvent-free epoxy self-flow plane paint, and mix the main paint and curing agent proportionally, stirring evenly;

2. Use the prepared trowel to carry out the self-leveling float or spray with airless spraying machine.Anti-static Aggregate Ground Hardener,Anti-static Ground Hardener.

self leveling floor finish

self leveling garage floor paint

self leveling floor primer

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  • Light grey Epoxy self-leveling
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